Firm Broadsheet threatens to seize Pakistan cricket assets

A firm Registered in Isle of Man named as Broadsheet LLC, which won a lawsuit from the National Accountability Bureau (NAB), has threatened to seize Pakistan Cricket’s assets.

A letter has been sent to Islamabad by the lawyer of Broadsheet LLC, the company that won the case against NAB in London.

The letter said that Pakistan and NAB had failed to pay more than 33 million dollars  for the award, on which the court had directed the professional to ‘seize the assets of the Pakistani cricket team’ and their The operation will begin in two days.

The letter said that if the Belfast confiscated the equipment of the Pakistan team, a difficult situation would arise for the team.

It may be recalled that Pakistan’s national cricket team is currently on a tour of England where it has to play a series of 3 Tests and 3 T20 matches against the host country.

It should be noted that NAB lost the case against the property recovery firm ‘Broadsheet’ in the International Reconciliation Court of London in 2018, as a result of which NAB will now have to pay 60 million dollars (more than Rs 8 billion).

According to a report, during the tenure of former President General (retd) Pervez Musharraf, a firm called  Broadsheet LLC Registered in Isle of Man was hired to trace the assets of at least 200 Pakistanis in the UK and US. Asif Ali Zardari, Benazir Bhutto, Nawaz Sharif and Lieutenant General Akbar were specifically targeted.

Under the agreement, 20 percent of the targets were to be paid to the company, but no allegations were found and not a single rupee was recovered from the UK in a decade.

According to sources, apart from these expenses, the broadsheet company will also claim another 10 million US dollars from the NAB for litigation and case expenses after receiving the decision in its favor, while also charging 7% interest.

On the other hand, although Broadsheet failed to present any evidence against Hassan and Hussain Nawaz, sons of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif It will also claim dollars because the firm first started working on the case and provided documents against the Sharif family to the NAB.

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