FIA arrests former MD PIA Aijaz Haroon

Former MD of National Airline Aijaz Haroon was arrested by FIA, former HR head Hanif Pathan was also arrested. According to details, FIA officials have said that former MD PIA Aijaz and former HR head PIA Hanif Pathan have been arrested.

The arrest of both the accused has been carried out by the FIA ​​Corporate Crime Circle Karachi. According to the Deputy Director FIA, the accused have been arrested on illegal appointments.

FIA officials said that the two accused had illegally appointed Saleem Sayani to the post of Deputy Managing Director in 2009 with the connivance of Saleem Sayani. The appointment of Saleem Sayani was made against PIA Human Resources.

According to officials, Saleem Sayani was hired on a hefty salary of 20,000 dollars, while other benefits included full medical coverage, five-star hotel rooms, and the family’s privilege of living in Dubai at PIA expense. Sayani’s salary was also increased by 7% every year.

Other benefits include 1 million in post-kidnapping ransom insurance and 10 million in disability or sudden death insurance, the FIA ​​says. Other benefits include an additional three months’ salary each year. ۔

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