England tour decision was difficult but it was all to revive cricket: Wasim Khan

Pakistan Cricket Board Chief Executive Wasim Khan said that the decision to send Pakistan cricket team to England was very difficult, we were suffering from mental stress after the cricketers’ covid-19 test came positive.

PCB chief executive Wasim Khan told  the media  that while discussions were going on with the English Cricket Board regarding the Pakistan team’s tour, it was with this in mind that the decision should be made with positive thinking.

He said that he had meetings with the ECB, got the opinion of the players and then decided to send the team to England.

Wasim Khan said that the decision to send the team to England was very difficult. When the process of covid- 19 testing started and some cricketers tested positive, we became depressed.

He further said that it was a difficult time for the PCB,we talked to the players, they were in good spirits because they wanted to play cricket, they also wanted cricket activities to be restored now. It also made it easier to decide.

The Chief Executive of the PCB said that the West Indies decided to go to England before us and because of this it was easier for us, we got a chance to review things, when the West Indies decided to go to England and play a series  the situation was worse in England at that time, we are asked why we sent our team, the question should also be asked to the West Indies why they agreed.

“As far as our decision is concerned, the reason is nothing but the revival of cricket. At that time, the revival of the game was important for world cricket. Covid-19 and cricket have to go hand in hand, global cricket,” he said. There is no other reason for the decision to send a team to England.

Wasim Khan said that when it comes to my relationship, my relations are already with England, I was working there before I came here, the decision was made only for cricket.

He said that decisions regarding restoration of the game on the basis of code and security are two different things. I came to the PCB in 2019, before that why the teams did not come to Pakistan to restore the game I am not in a position to comment on, I am talking about after my arrival.

“Since I came here, teams from Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and MCC have visited Pakistan. PSL matches have been played here. More teams will come to Pakistan and the ICC,” said the chief executive of the Pakistan Cricket Board. The series included in the Future Tour Program (FTP) will be in Pakistan.

He said that the views of foreign teams about Pakistan are changing, foreign teams think that there should be cricket in Pakistan.

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