Egyptian footballer Started Working in a Pastry Shop due to Corona lockdown

The 28-year-old Egyptian footballer Mahmood was forced to work hard due to the Corona lockdown.

Like many other countries, Egypt is under curfew due to the corona virus, which has led to the suspension of business and sports activities.

Under these circumstances, a number of people became unemployed in Egypt, including 28-year-old Egyptian footballer Mahmood.

Footballer Mahmood used to earn 200 dollars a month playing football, which he used to cover his household expenses.

Mahmood is the eldest brother in his family whose father has retired and is also suffering from heart disease. However, Mahmood is taking care of his mother and younger brother including his father.

Mahmood says that as soon as the curfew was imposed in Egypt due to Corona, his club management instructed all his teammates to stay at home, which made him very upset and thought that if he stayed at home, the expenses could not be borne

Egyptian footballer Started Working in a Pastry Shop due to Corona lockdown

However, in view of this situation, Mahmood decided to do anything.

Footballer Mahmood is currently in the Egyptian city of Manflot, where he made his first wage, earning 7 Dollars a day.

Mahmood says, “I don’t even get paid every day, i get paid only twice a week, but I considered it my good fortune to get it. After that, Ramadan came and I started working in a pastry-making stall again.”

Mahmood now makes small pancakes, called qataif in Arabic, on a daily basis, a favorite Ramadan dish in Egypt.



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