Disney announces 28,000 layoffs amid continued closure of Disneyland

The world’s largest theme park, Disneyland, has been hit hard by the Corona epidemic, which has affected other walks of life.

Disneyland has closed its theme parks around the world due to the spread of the corona virus, but due to the reduction in the corona virus, parks in different countries are now slowly opening, but the main theme park in California is still closed.

According to foreign media, Disneyland has decided to layoff  28,000 employees in view of the decrease in the number of tourists due to the Corona epidemic.

The Disneyland administration also confirmed the layoffs, saying that two-thirds of those laid off would be part-time employees.

“We have begun implementing a very difficult decision to dismiss employees from our parks, products and other locations,” said Josh de Amaro, chairman of the Disneyland Theme Parks Unit.

A letter from Josh de Amaro to the fired employees states that the management reduced its costs and shut down projects. The company continued to provide health services to the employees until April, but Therefore, it is not possible for the entire staff to take on the responsibilities due to the permission of the very limited operation.

Walt Disney World in Florida has 77,000 full-time and part-time employees, compared to 32,000 in California.

Disney also did not disclose its employees in the consumer products, cruise lines and other business.

Last week, the Disneyland administration urged the California government to allow theme parks to reopen to tourists because coronavirus prevention measures have been successful.

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