Decision to close PIA owned Roosevelt Hotel delayed

National airline PIA’s decision to close its Roosevelt Hotel in the United States has been postponed for two m

Media quoted responsible sources as saying that the decision was taken at a board meeting.

According to sources, the Roosevelt Hotel will be closed on December 31 until further notice. According to sources, the hotel management had sought time to terminate the contracts of various airlines and companies.

News quoted sources as saying that the hotel is staffed by various airlines. The decision to close the hotel until October 31 was taken recently.

According to sources, the first installment of Roosevelt Hotel’s union and employees’ dues will be paid tomorrow.

Sources told media that the government of Pakistan has decided not to sell this important national asset.

According to sources, the status of this important national asset will be changed to make it more efficient and profitable.

Founded in 1924, the Roosevelt Hotel is one of the most historic hotels in the United States. The hotel is located in Manhattan, New York, the most expensive area in the United States and the world.


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