Decision on appeal, Umar Akmal’s suspension has been reduced

A decision on appeal against the three-year ban of national cricketer Umar Kamal has been decided, under which his sentence has been reduced to one and a half years.

Independent Adjudicator Justice (retd) Faqir Muhammad Khokhar had reserved judgment on the appeal of Umar Akmal in the only hearing on July 13, the verdict of which has been announced today.

At Akmal’s request, the independent adjudicator granted him relief and reduced his sentence from three years to one and a half years.

On the verdict, Umar Akmal’s lawyer said that he was grateful to the independent adjudicator, our position was accepted and the sentence was increased from three to one and a half years.

He added that the decision was not what they had hoped for.

On February 20, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) immediately suspended Umar Akmal under Section 4.7.1 of the Anti-Corruption Code and an investigation was launched by the Anti-Corruption Unit. Due to this suspension, Umar Akmal could not participate in Pakistan Super League 5.

It was later reported that Bucky had offered match-fixing to Umar Akmal but he failed to inform the PCB in time.

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