Cyclist Samar Khan faces harassment on the road in Islamabad

Cyclist Samar Khan faces harassment on the road in Islamabad. According to details, Samar Khan, a WWF Goodwill Ambassador to Pakistan and a cyclist, was assaulted in Safe City Islamabad by a motorcyclist who stormed the road with him.

Cyclist Samar Khan released details of the incident in a video statement on social media. Samar Khan said that she was cycling in Islamabad when suddenly a boy came on a motorbike. He was wearing office attire and there was a black briefcase on his motorbike.

According to the female cyclist, “The motorcyclist approached me and grabbed my body and started fleeing. I chased him but he ran away. People passing by saw the whole scene but no one did anything.”

Cyclist Samar Khan added that if I had caught the man, I would have shared his video live and distorted his appearance, questioning whether the perpetrators of harassment or similar incidents had the honor to do so.?

It may be recalled that some time ago, Samar Khan was named the first female cyclist to reach the highest peak in Africa. Samar Khan is also the only woman to cycle on a glacier in the Karakoram, holding several local records and awards, but was unable to compete in international competitions due to lack of resources.

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