Criminal record of Gujjarpura case suspect

Criminal record of Gujjarpura case suspect revealed. Abid, the main accused in the Lahore Motorway Rape Case, turned out to be a notorious criminal and the record of his incidents also came to light.

Accused Abid had reconciled with the victim’s family after raping the woman and her daughter in 2013, but was expelled from the area if he did not stop committing crimes.

From 2013 to 2017, he was booked for 8 other offenses including rape and robbery, and was arrested several times in 8 years but was released on bail.

Abid was last arrested on August 8, 2020, but was released on bail a few days later. Accused Abid kept playing with the lives and property of the citizens but why he could not be punished? Citizens questioned the justice system.

Another accused Waqarul Hassan was also involved in two robberies and was released on bail two weeks ago. It may be recalled that the Punjab Police has claimed that the two accused who gang-raped a woman on the Lahore Motorway have been traced.

The samples obtained from the victim matched the DNA of the accused. The DNA samples were already present in the data bank of the forensic laboratory. According to the available identification, the name of one accused is Muhammad Abid and the other is Waqar.

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