Corruption accusation proved on Former Malaysian PM

KUALA LUMPUR: A Malaysian court has convicted former Prime Minister Najib Razak of all charges of corruption worth millions of dollars.

According to a foreign news agency, Najib Razak, the Prime Minister of Malaysia from 2009 to 2018, has seven corruption cases, including money laundering, abuse of power and fraud.

A Malaysian court has convicted former Prime Minister Najib Razak on all charges of corruption, but he has denied any wrongdoing.

According to media reports, Najib Razak is the first Malaysian leader to be convicted of corruption.

The trial judge said in his judgment that they had failed to prove in the case that the former prime minister had no role in the transfer of millions of dollars to Najib Razzaq’s personal accounts while the prosecution had successfully proved his case on which Najib Razzaq had been found guilty.

The judge added that Najib Razak, 67, had also been Malaysia’s finance minister, during which time he overstepped his authority to approve loans that were later transferred to his personal account in the form of funds. ۔

The court ruled that Najib Razzaq benefited from the approval of the loans and failed to defend himself in all cases, including the crime of misuse of plaintiff’s powers.

According to media reports, Najib Razzaq is facing heavy fines after decades of imprisonment. Although he has been sentenced to flogging on the charges, the sentence is likely to be commuted considering his age.

Media reports say that Najib Razzaq may not be imprisoned until his appeals are rejected.

According to media reports, the court’s decision came just six days after the High Court’s decision to pay 400 million to the government for non-payment of taxes and penalties to Najib Razzaq.

Thousands of Najib Razzaq’s supporters gathered outside the court to show solidarity during the hearing of his case.
Strongly condemning it as political revenge, while many supporters of Najib Razzaq wept bitterly over the court decision.

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