CJP heads a unique case in Supreme court

CJP heads a unique case in the Supreme court. According to details, a bench of judges headed by the Chief Justice heard a unique case in the Islamabad Supreme Court today. Justice Ijaz-ul-Hassan remarked on a petition filed by a one-day working plaintiff entitled to a pension.

The petition was filed in the court by Bahadur Nawab Khattak, an officer of the Ministry of Inter-Provincial Coordination. The petitioner’s lawyer told the court that his client was recruited in 1996 but was dismissed, but then the employees were reinstated. Bahadur Nawab was reinstated under the 2010 Act.

After hearing the plea of ​​the petitioner’s counsel, the Chief Justice said that his client retired after one day’s service and got 14 years of benefits, but the law under which he was reinstated does not mention pension.

The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court remarked that should the entire treasury of Pakistan be given to this officer? In your whole life, your client received Rs 1.4 million for work in one day. If you give pension to such employees, the country will go bankrupt. In one day, the government will have to pay Rs 100 billion.

Justice Ijaz-ul-Ahsan in his remarks said that this situation of the country has happened due to this reason. what could be a bigger robbery on the national treasury. Following the hearing, the court rejected the inter-provincial liaison officer’s application for a pension.

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