China Reports No New Domestic Cases of Coronavirus for first time

China is fighting very well against the severe pandemic as today a milestone achieved in the battle against coronavirus pandemic.Today there is no new domestic cases of corona virus for the first time since the virus outbreak emerged.

Chinese government developed a strong strategy to stop or reduce the pandemic by strict implication of precautionary measures.It is only Chinese who have capability to fight with the pandemic in such great techniques.As it is clearly seen,the outbreak of this pandemic coronavirus affected severely to a lot of people around the globe.

There were no new cases in Wuhan — the central city where the virus first emerged¬† — for the first time since authorities started publishing figures in January, according to the National Health Commission.

Wuhan–with its 11 million people in strict quarantine and there are also some severe inhuman restrictions on their people that lead Chinese government to fight strongly against coronavirus.

The first case emerged in Wuhan on December 1, according to Chinese researchers, but it was not until January 9 the country confirmed a “new type of coronavirus”.

Between January 5 and 17, China reported no new cases of the virus, even as Japan and Thailand declared first infections — a period that coincided with annual political meetings in Wuhan and Hubei province.

Here is a video that help you to understand how you can fight the battle against corona virus.


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