China Develops Drug To Defeat Coronavirus

Scientists in China claim to have developed a cure for the coronavirus. The drug, developed in a Beijing laboratory, was tested at China’s famous Peking University, and experts say the new drug not only miraculously heals an infected person but also builds a short-term immune system.

The head of the research program said that the drug has been successfully tested on animals and the plasma of patients recovering from the disease has been used to prepare the drug.

It is estimated that more than 100 vaccines for the coronavirus are currently being tested worldwide, but no effective vaccine or drug has been developed.

The corona vaccine trial at Oxford University in the United Kingdom failed. The vaccine was given to six monkeys on an experimental basis, but the coronavirus was found in the same amount in these monkeys as in the three non-vaccinated monkeys.

Meanwhile, the US company Moderna, which is working with the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) to develop the corona vaccine, says that their experimental vaccine, MRNA 1273, has produced antibodies that can be used in patients.

According to the NIH, preliminary results show that the antibodies produced by the vaccine are similar to those of patients who have recovered from the coronavirus.

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