Biggest Robbery in the history of Islamabad

The largest robbery happened in Islamabad, the robbery of Rs 4.5 crore in history was registered in Islamabad.

A case filed by a jeweler named Sheikh Mohammad Farid in Kohsar police station in Islamabad said that three persons came to the shop under the pretext of looking at jewelery and after liking jewelery for a long time, pulled a pistol on me.

The FIR lodged by the owner of the jewelery shop said that the thieves fled the shop with 350 to 400 tonnes of gold and Rs 4 million in cash.

“The robbers locked me and my employee Fahim in the restroom and fled,” he said.

Jeweler Mohammad Farid said that one of the thieves was between 25 and 30 years old, the other was between 35 to 40 years old and the third was about 45 years old.

Police said that all the clues are being gathered in this regard and all sort of investigations will be done to reach out to the robbers.

Biggest Robbery in the history of Islamabad

Biggest Robbery in the history of Islamabad

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