Big news for the world as Corona Vaccine is coming soon

Big news for the world as Corona Vaccine is coming soon. US President Donald Trump has given the world big news regarding the corona vaccine.

On the one hand, as the second wave of the corona has begun around the world. On the other hand, new claims are still emerging every day regarding the preparation of the Covid 19 vaccine.

US companies themselves and President Trump have repeatedly promised to be the first to bring authentic, effective, and safe vaccines to the market.

Now the US President has once again said with reference to the vaccine that it is big news for the world. Donald Trump wrote in his tweet that the success of the vaccine against corona is a big news for the world.

At the same time, President Trump wrote that the stock market has risen sharply today. Pfizer, a US pharma company, claims to have successfully tested the corona vaccine phytotherapy with 90% effective results.


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