Asim Saleem Bajwa resigns as Special Assistant to PM

Special Assistant Asim Bajwa’s resignation was accepted

The Prime Minister accepted the resignation request of Special Assistant Asim Saleem Bajwa to resign as Special Assistant.

Asim Saleem Bajwa resigns as Special Assistant to PM

“I had requested Prime Minister Imran Khan to resign from the additional post of Special Assistant, which he accepted,” Asim Saleem Bajwa said in a statement on social media.

Lt. Gen. (retd) Asim Saleem Bajwa will continue to serve as Chairman C-PEC Authority.

It may be recalled that Asim Saleem Bajwa had submitted his resignation to Prime Minister Imran Khan after a story was aired on a website recently.
Prime Minister Imran Khan gave an interview in which he said ” Asim Saleem Bajwa has defended himself, we have heard himself and if in future anything will come across, it will be investigated. Now, Asim Saleem Bajwa deliberately resigned from additional post.

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