Asad Umar applauds PM Imran Khan for his commitment towards accountability

Federal Minister for Development and Planning Asad Omar has said that after Eid-ul-Fitr, action will be taken against those responsible for the sugar crisis. The system will be improved so that no robbery will take place in the future.

Asad Umar said that it is written in the law that crushing should be started by November 30. The owners of sugar mills were saying that if our demand was not met, they would not do the crushing. In 2018, when sugar export was decided, there was a surplus of 2 million tons.

When the export of sugar was allowed, there was no shortage of sugar, while the consumption of sugar in the country is 5.6 million tons. The production was more than that. I still think that the export of sugar should be allowed.

There was sugar in the market then why did the price start rising. I think sugar should have been exported. I was not blackmailed. I am taking responsibility for the fact that the decision to export sugar was taken in the ECC.

There was no pressure on PM Imran Khan to export sugar. PM did not force me to make any decision. He did not give any subsidies. PM Imran Khan did not put any pressure on me on sugar issues.

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