Are u worried of glasses fogging due to wearing mask

Masks are now a part and parcel of of our lifestyle to prevent the spread of corona virus and we must use them wherever we go.

The use of masks causes a lot of trouble for people who wear glasses because wearing glasses with a mask causes mist on the glasses after every now and then.

Due to the mask, fog on the glasses makes it difficult for us to see and we have to clean the glasses frequently.
Recently, an American doctor Daniel has made people’s lives easier by suggesting a solution to this problem.

US Dr. Daniel shared a post on his Twitter account in which he explained the solution to the problem of fog when wearing glasses with a mask.

Dr. Daniel said that to get rid of this problem, you should apply a mask on your nose and close the upper part of the mask with band aid , the band aid will close the mask from the top and when you will breathe, the top opening of mask will be closed and won’t become misty .

He showed the way on his Twitter himself which was reshared by more than 50,000 Twitter users.

Here is the picture of the Doctor with possible solution to avoid glasses fogging.

Are u worried of glasses fogging due to wearing mask

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