Ali Qasim Gillani sent to Jail for a month

Ali Qasim Gilani, son of former Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani, has been jailed for a month.

Ali Qasim Gilani was arrested by Multan police last night for holding a rally in violation of Corona SOPs.

A letter issued by the Punjab Home Department said that Ali Qasim Gilani violated Corona SOPs and endangered the lives of the people.

The letter said that Ali Qasim Gilani wanted to hold a rally at Qasim Stadium, which was not allowed.

The government letter said that holding the rally was a violation of Corona SOPs. Ali Qasim Gilani was inciting the people to hold the rally.

Multan’s Qasim Bagh remained a battlefield overnight, with dozens arrested, including PPP leader Ali Qasim Gilani.

Chairman PPP Bilawal Bhutto Zardari condemned the arrest of Ali Qasim Gillani and demanded his release, he further said that you can not make The state of Madinah with the policies of Koofa’s politics.

Ali Qasim Gillani sent to Jail for a month

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