After Corona, Pakistani employees will be given priority in the UAE

UAE officials have assured that priority will be given to Pakistani employees in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) after the end of the Corona epidemic.

According to the Overseas Pakistani Ministry, the assurance was given by UAE officials during the visit of Special Assistant to the Prime Minister Zulfi Bukhari to the United Arab Emirates.

According to Zulfi Bukhari, 1,200 Pakistani prisoners have returned home from the UAE on humanitarian grounds during the Corona epidemic, while there are now 121 Pakistani children in Abu Dhabi prison.

The Special Assistant thanked the UAE authorities for releasing the Pakistani prisoners.

During his visit, Zulfi Bukhari met with the Pakistani business community in Dubai and assured them that the rights of Pakistani employees would be fully protected.

Zulfi Bukhari also presented certificates of appreciation in recognition of the services rendered to the Pakistani business community during the Corona epidemic, during which certificates were presented to Shabbir Merchant, Ahmed Sheikhani, Iqbal Dawood and other businessmen.

These Pakistani businessmen provided financial support for the evacuation of Pakistanis stranded in the UAE and for their ration.

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