A new character emerges in motorway incident

Abid, the main accused in the motorway incident, and Shafqat’s third alleged accomplice were also taken into custody. According to police, Bala Mastri has been arrested in an operation in Chichawatni.

Police said that Bala Mistry has also been involved in various incidents with the main accused Abid. Accused Shafqat, Abid, and Bala Mistry together committed about 11 incidents.

According to police, the accused Bala Mastri said that they used to loot near Karol village along with Abid and Shafqat where they used to stop the vehicles by placing tree trunks on the road and attack the citizens inside them.

According to the police, the accused further said that he too had left the motorway with the intention of the incident with Abid and Shafqat but went back halfway.

On the other hand, the police are conducting raids to arrest Abid, the main accused in the motorway incident, which has not been successful so far.

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