61-year-old British diplomat saved the drowning Chinese student

A British diplomat stationed in China jumped into a river to save the life of a drowning Chinese student.

The British embassy and Chinese state media confirmed the incident, saying it took place in southwestern China.

According to China’s state-run Xinhua news agency, 61-year-old British Consul General Stephen Ellison was in the Chongqing area when he saw a female student drowning.


The student accidentally fell into the water and could not swim. People around her started making noise when they saw her drowning and many people were making videos but no one came to her aid.

Stephen, 61, took off his shoes and jumped into the water. he supported the drowning student and brought her to shore.

When the student regained consciousness, she thanked him for the help. Chinese officials did not release the student’s name, while the British embassy said everyone was proud of Stephen.


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